2020 February

Healthy Communities

Being able to live in a healthy community is lot more than bricks and mortar. Sustainable healthy communities is what I would hope for if elected as your Division 2

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MBRC Council Election- Division 2 Boundaries

Moreton Bay Regional Council local government election on March 28th 2020 is based on new electoral boundaries. Please check your enrolment details are up to date as the roll closes

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A little about me

Welcome to my page. You have come onto this page to find a bit about me so when the 28th of March comes you can make an informed vote. I

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Professional Activism

Professional activism- Everybody should be able to go to work and come home safe and uninjured. For some they are killed simply doing their job and even more are harmed/injured

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Phone: 0412 658 124
Email : barbaracook033@gmail.com
Location: MBRC Division 2


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