Responsible pet ownership

Pet ownership is an essential part of incorporating into healthy communities. The benefits of having a pet in the home provides companionship for those that are living alone and pet ownership teaches children how to care for their pets. Animals of all types need to be considered part of the family and as such a lifetime commitment.

It is recognised not everyone has time to care for pets or enjoy animals. Not everyone tolerates a wandering dog or cat that can injure people or kill wild life. A barking dog can offend or irritate neighbours. At all times an animal needs to be under the supervision of an adult. Dogs and cats need to be contained in an owners yard or walked on a leash or off leash in a designated animal park supervised.

Irresponsible pet owners are those who do not attend to their pets needs like ensuring they are socialised with other dogs, taking their dog for daily walks and those who let their dog or cat escape their properties.

I believe there should be life time animal registration, like NSW and a subsidized animal desexing program twice yearly. Every neighbourhood should have a dog park. Owners need to supervise their dog whilst within that park. Too many are distracted.

Animal complaints of barking or wandering animals are to be considered serious by Council staff. There needs to be a serious effort on ensuring responsible pet ownership.

I would propose that there be serious consideration for Council to sponsor an educational animal ownership program to schools. This program will encourage animal care knowledge, responsibilities of dog ownership, how to approach a strange dog safely and how to provide basic education on health care of their dogs. Prior to amalgamation one local community organisation, Peninsula Animal Aid did run programs with success.

Charlie (rescue boy) and Baillee in the car going for a walk. They get very excited walking the parks around Burpengary and Beachmere.